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Cleaner, Quicker Slicing with Safety and Precision

Paladin makes state-of-the-art commercial equipment, and our line of meat slicers stands up against the competition. With features like copper motors, Italian carbon steel knives and a built-in blade sharpener, you’ll know you have the very best machine.


This manual-feed meat slicer is sure to assist any meat shop, deli or grocery store in performing at its best. We have everything from a sleek, efficient 10-inch, 1/3 HP, 500W meat slicer to a heavy-duty, 12-inch, 1/2 HP, 850W machine. You’ll also find Paladin meat slicers are equipped with large product trays and sliding rods — not to mention they’re safe to operate and easy to clean.


We stand by the quality and craft of our commercial meat slicers with a 1-year warranty. When you purchase a Paladin meat slicer, you choose confidence, quality, and efficiency.

Paladin Equipment's line of commercial-grade food slicers.


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A Meat Grinder You Can Trust for the Job

Paladin’s line of meat grinders is second to none. Made of durable, stainless steel materials and equipped with high-performance motors, our meat grinders can output between 780 and 1,280 pounds of meat per hour. Now that’s a lot of ground meat!

Our machines are sleek but sturdy with built-in handles for easy transport and storage. With power-packed wattage and horsepower, our meat grinders are made for whatever job you’ve got. Whether you’re a butcher shop, meat processing business or someone who’s serious about grinding meat, our #12, #22, or #32 meat grinders will rise to the challenge — and that’s a promise.


We stand by the quality and craft of our commercial meat grinders, and our 1-year product warranty helps prove that. Purchasing a Paladin meat grinder promises a faster, easier grinding job with a machine you can trust.


Paladin Equipment's 2-in-1 meat tenderizer / jerky slicer is perfect for processing game and making jerky.
Paladin Equipment commercial blender is perfect for smoothies and more.
Paladin Equipment 15" Paper Cutter

Paladin Equipment produces more than just commercial-grade meat grinders and slicers. We’ve also got a line of top-quality countertop equipment like meat tenderizers, jerky slicers and blenders that are perfect for professional chefs or home kitchens.