Meat Grinder Foot Pedal for #22 and #32 Grinders


Easy and hands-free grinding!

With the Paladin Equipment meat grinder foot pedal, it’s even easier to operate your electric meat grinder.


Compatible with our #22 and #32 electric meat grinders, this accessory enables hands-free operation by allowing you to power the machine with your feet. First, plug the grinder into the receptacle on the back of the plug. Then, plug the pedal’s three-prong power cord into a grounded outlet. Lastly, step on the pedal to power the device — you’ll be grinding meat with your feet in no time!


With the Paladin Equipment meat grinder foot pedal, you won’t have to spend time looking for the on-off switch. Just remove your foot from the pedal and the machine will automatically turn off. You’ll grind more efficiently and safely.


Other safety features include a textured surface and an anti-slip backing, so your foot and pedal stay exactly where you want them. Plus, the pedal features a rugged protective casing for added durability. Lightweight and compact, the pedal easily disconnects and stores when not in use.


Maybe you’re a sportsman who is looking to process his or her own game. You might run a butcher shop. Or perhaps you’re a commercial kitchen looking to speed up your food preparation. Whatever the case, this accessory helps you make the most out of your Paladin Equipment meat grinder. Because you’ll free up your hands, it’s easier to add meat to the tray and you can cut down the time it takes to finish the job.


Paladin Equipment products are backed by a 1-year limited warranty, so you can shop with confidence!


Please Note: This foot pedal has a simple on-off function, but is compatible with variable-speed equipment.

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