#12 Stuffing Plate — Stainless Steel


Use this add-on to fill sausage casings.

It’s easy to stuff your own sausage with the Paladin Equipment #12 stuffing plate.


Designed to fit our #12 electric meat grinder, this commercial-grade accessory is a great tool for filling sausage casings. It features two large holes and a hubless design, allowing you to use both sides of the plate while making sausage or stuffing your ground meat bags.


Manufactured to our strict quality standards, the stainless-steel plate resists rust and makes clean-up simple. It also lasts longer than a carbon steel plate.


Whether you are using this at home or at work, you’ll find Paladin delivers professional quality at an affordable price.


NOTE: To maintain peak performance, we recommend lubricating the #12 stuffing plate with a food-grade silicone spray after every use. Do not place this product in the dishwasher.


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