12” Heavy Duty Manual Feed Meat Slicer


Professionals love our top-of-the-line meat slicer.

The 12” Heavy Duty Manual Feed Meat Slicer is Paladin Equipment’s biggest, most powerful meat slicer.


This model includes an air-cooled 1/2 HP copper motor with a peak power of 850 watts. Combined with an Italian carbon steel knife, this meat slicer is up for any job you’ve got.


This mega meat slicing machine is easy to use, clean and maintain. A 1-year warranty and built-in blade sharpener are there to make sure of it.


If your sights are set on a deli meat slicer for bigger, beefier jobs, this heavy-duty machine is perfect for you. At just over two feet long, it fits comfortably on your counter, but has a wide product tray with an 8.8-inch cutting capacity. Additionally, a large sliding rod makes it easy to get clean, consistent cuts.


We promise the heavy-duty Paladin 12” Manual Feed Meat Slicer will provide a quicker, cleaner, mightier and meatier slice.




  • Large product tray and sliding rod
  • 1/2 HP copper motor (850W peak power)
  • 12″ Italian carbon steel knife
  • Built-in blade sharpener
  • Safe to operate and easy to clean
  • 8.8″ cutting capacity width

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