10mm #12 Grinder Plate — Stainless Steel


A replacement plate that is perfect for patties.

If you have lost the 10mm #12 grinder plate for your Paladin Equipment #12 meat grinder, this is the replacement part you need.


Built from commercial-grade materials, this stainless-steel plate is able to handle large quantities of meat. The 10mm holes create a coarse grind, while the hubless design allows you to use both sides in your machine. Clean-up is simple as the plates are easy to remove after using.


Paladin Equipment’s premium grinder plates are manufactured to stringent standards for efficiency and quality. They last longer than carbon steel plates and are highly resistant to rust. That makes them an ideal choice butchers, hunters or anyone looking to improve their meat grinder’s performance.


Additionally, these plates follow industry-standard designs and are compatible with most #12 meat grinders. Whether you’re shopping for a commercial kitchen or your own home, Paladin offers superior quality at an affordable price.


NOTE: To maintain peak performance, we recommend lubricating the 10mm #12 grinder plate with a food-grade silicone spray after each use. Do not place this product in the dishwasher.

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